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What are my options?

We help property owners in Toronto, Ajax and York Region plant trees and shrubs at subsidized price.

We plant native species, which are well-suited to our climatic conditions, require less maintenance than exotic species, and provide essential habitat for wildlife. Our focus is to help you get the right species in the right places with the right care so that the trees and shrubs survive and thrive. Roughly half the value of our services are covered by our funding partners, so you get top-notch programs at a more affordable price. Read on to discover what we can grow together!


Information on the Oakville Backyard Tree Planting Program for past Oakville clients.

Full Service Tree Planting

Perfect for property owners who want in-person advice and the convenience of a complete planting package.

Our most popular service includes an in-person consultation with an arborist in your yard, as well as delivery and full planting service. We’ll assess the conditions in your yard and ask about your needs and preferences, and help you decide on the tree species and planting locations that best suit your yard. LEAF does all the heavy lifting – you just sit back and enjoy a greener backyard! Note that this option is only available for backyards or fenced-in side yards. For front or side yards, see the Do-It-Yourself option below.

York Region Emerald Ash Borer Rebate 
Is your ash tree dead or dying from Emerald Ash Borer? For a limited time, York Region residents will receive an additional $100 rebate when replacing an ash tree, only through our Full-Service Backyard Tree Planting Program. This means if you live in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Aurora, King or Georgina, you may be eligible for this rebate.  Limit of two rebates per property. First come, first served. If the ash tree has already been removed, a copy of the tree removal invoice will be required to qualify for the rebate. If you do not have the invoice, please contact us for other acceptable forms of proof.
Newmarket Storm Water Management Rebate 
For a limited time, Newmarket residents will receive an additional $100 rebate for planting a tree on their property through the Full-Service program. You can combine the Storm Water Management Rebate with the Emerald Ash Borer Rebate for one tree if you live in Newmarket.  Limit of one storm water management rebate per property per year. First come, first served. 

Do-It-Yourself Tree Planting

Perfect for property owners looking to plant a tree in their front or side yards, or for those who simply want to get their hands dirty and plant their own tree!

This is the option for you if you'd like to plant in your side yard or front yard! Our online videos will help you get the right tree in the right place. We’ll ask you some questions about your property and your preferences, then give you customized recommendations for species and planting locations in your yard.  Place your order and we’ll deliver the tree right to your door for you to plant! 

Newmarket Storm Water Management Rebate 
For a limited time, Newmarket residents will receive an additional $100 rebate for planting a tree on their property through the DIY program. Limit of one Storm Water Management Rebate per property per year. First come, first served.


Shrubs, Garden Kits, & Pawpaws 

Perfect for anyone wanting to add colour, beauty and biodiversity to their yard.

Easy online or telephone ordering of native shrubs and perennials with subsequent delivery right to your door.  Not only will these native plants brighten up your yard and provide essential habitat for songbirds, native bees and butterflies, many will also offer tasty treats for humans too!

Learn more about ordering shrubs, garden kits and pawpaws


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