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COVID-19 Update:
  • Do-It-Yourself Program - We are currently accepting applications. Virtual consultations will take place over the summer and delivery will occur in fall. 
  • Full-Service Program - We are currently accepting applications. In-person consultations will take place over the  summer with modified procedures to comply with physical distancing. Planting will occur in fall.

For the two programs above, we encourage you to submit your applications now so that you are in the queue.  But please be aware that it will take us longer than normal to respond, as demand is high at this time.

  • Shubs can be purchased now for fall delivery.
  • Garden Kits and Pawpaws are sold out for spring 2020. Sign up now to receive an early bird notification for spring 2021.


We help property owners in Ajax, Toronto and York Region plant trees and shrubs at a subsidized price.

We plant native species which are well-suited to our climatic conditions, require less maintenance than exotic species, and provide essential habitat for wildlife. Our focus is to help you get the right species in the right places with the right care so that the trees and shrubs survive and thrive. Roughly half the value of our services are covered by our funding partners, so you get top-notch programs at a more affordable price. Read on to discover what we can grow together!

We also offer tree planting services for multi-unit and business property owners in Toronto, Ajax and York Region. Learn more about our Multi-Units and Businesses Subsidized Tree Planting Program.

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Information on the Oakville Backyard Tree Planting Program for past Oakville clients.



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