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seedpods on an Eastern redbud shrubEastern Redbud

This shrub is at at the northernmost part of its range here in Toronto - we're delighted to have one in the learning garden! It's best known for its eponymous buds, but we also love these seedpods that arrive with the cooler weather!

Common Name: Eastern redbud

Latin Name: Cercis canadensis

Eventual Size at Maturity: 15ft

Fall Colour: Yellow to yellow-green

Flowers: Magenta flowers appear before leaves in mid-to-late April, and last approx. three weeks

Fruit: Flat, thumb-sized pods emerge reddish-purple then turn green and finally brown, and persist on branches throughout winter

Wildlife: Flowers attract butterflies (such as Henry’s elfin) and hummingbirds, while seeds provide food for many songbirds (including a variety of finches)