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LEAF Post-Planting Services

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Five-Year Maintenance Package

Cost: $275 + HST

The right start in life is crucial for your newly planted tree. Leave the hard work to us!

Get your LEAF tree on the right track with our maintenance package, a five-year program which includes a yearly application of mulch, tree health assessment and minor pruning as needed.  At some point during the five years, we will conduct a structural pruning to ensure your tree has a strong growing structure and healthy future. Your structural pruning year may vary depending on the species and growth of your tree. In cases where our arborists find it necessary, we will install stakes using the proper technique and materials, and remove them at the appropriate time. Visits will be conducted in the spring (April-June) or fall (September-November). Scheduling requests for maintenance visits will not be accepted, but homeowners will not be required to be present for appointments. We will call those signed up for the package at least two days prior to the date on which we will be coming by. The Maintenance Package includes:

  • Annual tree and shrub health assessment (copy of report supplied to homeowner)
  • Annual mulch application
  • Annual staking if needed and removal of stakes at appropriate time
  • Annual minor pruning as needed
  • One-time full structural pruning, timing will vary depending on species and growth

Cost per year: $50 + HST per tree
Pruning year: additional $25 + HST charge per tree (for a total of $75 + HST per tree)
Total Cost for five year package: $275 + HST

Upon registration for our maintenance package, payment will be taken for the current year only. We will then contact you to collect payment for the upcoming year’s services each March. To opt out of services in any year, please be sure to contact us by February 28 to ensure that your service for that year is canceled. 

Payment can be made by VISA or Mastercard.

We provide structural pruning for LEAF-planted trees that have not yet reached a height of 14 feet (4 metres).    

  • We only perform pruning work on trees that LEAF has planted
  • Our arborists will prune using a manual pruning saw and/or a pole pruner.  We do not do any work off the ground (no ladders or tree climbing)
  • The cost for pruning services is $100 + HST per tree
  • We are not able to take away branches after pruning, but will cut and pile them neatly so that you can tie and place at the curb for pick up


Please complete the form below to request a pruning visit from a LEAF arborist.  If you are unsure whether your tree is of the size that LEAF can handle, please send us your information (including tree photo) and we will let you know.

Once we have received your request, we will be in touch within five business days to answer any inquires you may have and schedule an appointment. 

You must upload a digital photo of your tree at the bottom of the form (photos must be less than 1.2MB). This will allow us determine whether or not we will be able to fulfill your request prior to booking an appointment. 



Please attach clear photos of your tree to expedite the process (ie. tree in full form, close up of the concern area, etc.). Photos must be no larger than 1.2MB. If your photos are larger than 1.2MB, please send them as an email attachment to info [at]
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