Mission and Values

LEAF is a non-profit organization that teaches people about trees and gets them excited about the urban forest. We plant native species in backyards and public spaces, and educate people on how to care for trees in their communities. The focus of our work is on community engagement and tree stewardship. 

We envision healthy, vibrant communities where everyone values and cares for the urban forest.

Our mission is to grow and sustain the urban forest by providing quality services and programs that engage the community.


Our motto is ‘Improving communities, one tree at a time.’ 



LEAF Culture

The LEAF team is made up of our staff, our volunteer board of directors and many other community volunteers.

We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the urban forest. Our team of urban forest champions is passionate about planting trees, fostering stewardship and engaging communities. Much like a forest ecosystem, we strive to build a team that is diverse, adaptive, resilient and strong. Together we can change lives, one tree at a time!

In order to foster a healthy, respectful and pleasant work environment, we work together to achieve the following goals:


  • We strive to be self-aware, acknowledge mistakes and demonstrate improvements
  • We remember that it’s not just about the intention of our actions, but the impact they have
  • We recognize the importance of setting clear targets and goals


  • We embrace and appreciate the diversity of individuals, experiences and perspectives
  • We recognize the value and strength of a diverse team
  • We practice empathy and seek to understand those around us


  • We are proactive and direct in maintaining open communication
  • We articulate our expectations clearly
  • We challenge our assumptions and shift our judgements to curiosity


  • We recognize everyone’s individual value, regardless of position
  • We embrace different strengths and work styles and seek ways to complement one another
  • We encourage and embrace professional growth and autonomy
  • We celebrate our collective and individual efforts and accomplishments


  • We proactively prioritize mental and physical health
  • We are honest about our limits and understanding of others limits