Newmarket Residents Can Plant Trees For Less with the Stormwater Rebate Program


Newmarket, ON - The Town of Newmarket and LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) are partnering once again to help Newmarket residents plant trees for less. When property owners plant trees through the LEAF Backyard Tree Planting Program, they will qualify for an additional $100 rebate towards the purchase price of one new tree, while quantities last.

“Trees are a great resource. Not only do they provide us with oxygen and add beauty to our town, but they are instrumental in making Newmarket more resilient to climate change and extreme weather,” says Craig Schritt, Senior Climate Change Specialist at the Town of Newmarket. “That’s why we’ve partnered with LEAF to provide the Stormwater Rebate Program to help residents plant trees.”

Trees intercept, absorb and filter rainfall, which helps manage the amount of stormwater runoff entering our waterways. On average, a tree reduces a property's stormwater runoff by 720 litres. Every tree planted through this partnership will contribute to Newmarket’s urban forest and together have the potential to divert 36,000 litres of stormwater. 

The LEAF Backyard Tree Planting Program, also supported by the Regional Municipality of York, is available for eligible Town of Newmarket residents. Program participants receive a consultation with a certified arborist to help them pick the right tree for their property and have the choice of planting the tree themselves, or having LEAF do the planting. 

“Our arborists assess the soil, sunlight and spacing conditions of each property to recommend native tree species that will survive and thrive,” says Erin MacDonald, Acting Executive Director of LEAF. “We plant native trees, those that have evolved here naturally, which are well-suited to our climatic conditions, help build resiliency, and provide essential habitat for local wildlife, such as songbirds and pollinators.”

For more information on the LEAF Backyard Tree Planting Program visit or call 416-413-9244. Please note that there is a limit of one rebate per property, per year.

Meandra Provencal, Marketing and Communications Coordinator,
Phone: 416-413-9244

Town of Newmarket: 
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