Spring Tree Sale

In an effort to serve residents who want to get planting this spring, we are offering an online sale of small-sized native trees, with delivery right to your door! The trees will be considerably smaller than our regular trees. They will be only 2 to 3 feet in height and will come in small pots. This smaller tree size will allow for a single worker to deliver the trees, thus adhering to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements. 

Our resources will help you assess your soil and light conditions, and determine the planting space available in your yard so that you can ensure your trees thrive. Read on for details and to place your order today!



To qualify, participants must:

  • Live in Toronto, York Region or Ajax
  • Provide a name, address, telephone number, and email address
  • Pre-pay for the order online

Price and terms:

  • Trees are small (2 to 3 feet tall) and come in a 2 gallon pot
  • Limit of five trees per property - property owners should consult recommended distances below to maximize tree health/success and minimize the risk of future conflicts with buildings, other trees, etc.
  • $20 per tree each, plus $20 delivery fee per order.  HST applies.
  • Trees are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last
  • Delivery will take place mid-June. You will be notified prior to the delivery date.
  • Please note that we are not able to offer a warranty.

Four Easy Steps

    1. Assess your yard conditions

    This short video will help you assess your yard space and conditions. Note that all species offered will thrive best in full sun, and tolerate various types of soil. 


    2. Select your species (make sure they meet our spacing guidelines)

    To see colour photos of each species at maturity and read details about their unique characteristics, click on the species names below.

    Large growing trees:


    Follow these guidelines to give your trees the best chance to thrive and to minimize potential future conflicts.

    Site conditions minimum for small-Growing Trees (fEET) minimum for Large-GRowing Trees (fEET)
    Area of soft surface required 10’ x 10’ 15' x 15'
    Distance from fence/property line 5’ 5'
    Distance from hard surfaces (deck/paving) 5’ 7'
    Distance from buildings with foundations 10’ 10'
    Distance from existing trees 15’ 20'
    Distance from stumps or existing ash trees 8’ 20'
    Distances from swales 5’ 5'
    Overheard wires avoid avoid
    Raised beds or container planting never never
    For more information on why these space requirements exist, please click here

    3. Place your order

    Place your order by clicking on the button below.  Once you submit your order, you will receive an instant confirmation which will include a PayPal link where you can make your payment.  Once payment is received, your order is finalized!

    Please note: We are not able to provide order cancellations or refunds. If you have questions in advance of placing your order, please email us at info[at]yourleaf.org. 


    4. Use our educational resources to plant and care for your tree

    We will notify you by email prior to delivering your trees in early to mid-June. The email will include two short videos as well as links to printable factsheets that describe how to plant and care for your new trees. 

    Place your order