Multi-Unit: Before your Consult

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Preparing For Your Consultations

If your property meets our minimum space requirements, you can complete our online application found at the bottom of this page. With the submission of your application, we also require you to send in a few supplementary documents: 

1. Property Line Confirmation
LEAF does not plant on public property. Please consult your lot survey to determine where city property and private property meet. A digital copy must be provided to us (via the application, email, post or fax) before we can complete your site consultation. 

2. Property Representative Authorization Form
We must receive a letter of permission from the Board of Directors or management/ownership body in order to ensure that all planting has been authorized for your property. This form must be signed and submitted with your application.

Download Property Representative Authorization Form 

3. Care and Maintenance Plan
You must create a care and maintenance plan in order to ensure that any trees and shrubs planted on your property will be properly cared for. We require the name and contact information of the maintenance person or person in charge of care so that we can conduct follow-up evaluations of tree health. Follow-up care, including regular watering and replacement of mulch as it decomposes, is essential to tree survival. Before embarking on your tree-planting project, it is essential that you determine who will take responsibility for caring for your new trees/shrubs.Please consider the time commitments required for care when deciding the number of trees and shrubs that you wish to plant.

Download Care and Maintenance Plan

Once we receive your application and supporting documents, we will contact you to book your virtual consultation with one of our arborists. The sooner you book the virtual consultation, the sooner we can book your site consultation and the wider the selection of trees and shrubs you will have to choose from (our program operates on a first-come, first-served basis so some species may be limited). 


It is essential to ensure your property meets our minimum space requirements for trees (see section above) before booking a virtual or site consultation.