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Become a Young Urban Forest Leader!

The goal of the program is to provide valuable experience in the field of arboriculture, urban forestry and community engagement. Successful applicants will receive formal training and mentorship to develop the skills needed to lead a virtual tree tour, host online educational activities/events and help a community increase its local urban forest.

Activities Include:

  • Completing LEAF’s Tree Tenders Volunteer Tree Training Program - 15 hours of online arboriculture training led by local professionals. 
  • Participating in online skill-building workshops and mentored-activities - meetings take place weekly on Tuesday evenings from June through October.
  • Working in teams with a Toronto community group to improve their tree canopy. This includes assessing the existing canopy, identifying opportunities for tree planting and stewardship and holding online community events that engage local residents, all with guidance from LEAF. Activities/events include:
    • Online outreach
    • Educational workshops and live Q&As 
    • Virtual tree tours
  • Participating in peer-feedback, career-planning sessions and professional development and networking events

The Benefit to Participants:

  • Gain hard and soft skills in arboriculture, urban forestry and community engagement to prepare for employment and/or post-secondary education
    • Skills include tree biology, identification, planting, mulching, understanding Toronto's tree bylaws and threats to the urban forest, leadership and teamwork, public speaking, event coordination, community outreach, marketing, and meeting facilitation. 
  • Meet industry professionals and explore various career paths
  • Receive a certificate of completion
  • Contribute to community-building and increased appreciation of the urban forest
  • Build meaningful connections with other passionate young people