Shrub Bundles

© 2016 Brenna Anstett / LEAF

Bundle Your Shrubs to Beautify your Yard!

We are now offering shrub bundles, designed to help you beautify your yard! A bundle of four native shrubs, delivered to your door with mulch, a planting and care guide and a specialized fact sheet will cost you only $100 + HST- that's like buying four shrubs for the price of three! 

Choose from our themed bundles below:

Edible Bundles are designed to help you create your own edible urban garden. This bundle allows you to select your favourite shrubs based on taste, bloom time, fruit type, flower and fall colour, mature size or hardiness! Select any four of the following: American hazelnut, black chokeberry, common elderberry, highbush cranberry, lowbush blueberry, nannyberry, northern wild raisin, pasture rose, purple flowering raspberry and serviceberry.

The rest of our bundles contain pre-determined species. As species sell out, substitutions may be made by LEAF.

Native Bee Bundles are designed to provide habitat and food sources for our native bees. This bundle contains shrubs of varying mature sizes including St. John's wort, snowberry, common ninebark and grey dogwood.

Songbird Bundles are designed to provide food and shelter for songbirds throughout the year. This bundle contains shrubs of varying mature sizes including lowbush blueberry, red osier dogwood, common elderberry, and serviceberry.

Small Yard Bundles are designed for smaller spaces while still adding beauty and biodiversity to your yard. This bundle includes lowbush blueberry, St. John's wort, and meadowsweet and snowberry.

Privacy Bundles are designed to help you attain privacy while still adding biodiversity to your yard. This bundle contains tall and dense growing shrubs including red osier dogwood, black chokeberry, bayberry and common ninebark.