The St. Clair Garden Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

Our St. Clair Urban Forest Demonstration Garden received a major glow-up as the nearby Bell Box had a mural installed highlighting native plant species and pollinators. Just like our garden, the new mural demonstrates how humans and nature can coexist. Thanks to the support of Councilor Josh Matlow, the Bell Box Murals Project and the talents of Nick Sweetman, our garden is looking more beautiful than ever!


Our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens showcase the beauty of native species and help enhance Toronto’s urban forest.  They also provide an opportunity for local residents to play an active role in improving their communities by volunteering their time towards caring for them as a Volunteer Garden Steward. Having a mural installed on the Bell Box next to the St. Clair garden not only adds beauty to the garden, but amplifies our message about supporting local biodiversity.


The mural that was installed by Nick Sweetman beautifully demonstrates the importance of these green spaces and their connection to local biodiversity. By including common ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius) and wild columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) flowers with a visiting masked bee into his design, he not only captured the beauty but also the significance of having a thriving urban forest. Now, this Bell Box stands out for all the right reasons!  


If you are in the neighbourhood, please stop by our St. Clair Garden (16 Pleasant Boulevard) and let us know how you like our new mural.


Our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens are maintained by groups of Volunteer Garden Stewards. If you have a passion for helping things grow, please register to be a LEAF Volunteer, we'd love to have you on our team!


To learn more about the connection between native species and native pollinators, visit our Bees Love Trees and Backyard Biodiversity campaign pages.


To learn more about the Bell Box Murals Project, visit their page.



Brian Millward is the Stewardship Coordinator at LEAF.



The LEAF Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens are supported by Ontario Power Generation and the Toronto Transit Commission.

The #BackyardBiodiversity campaign is a partnership initiative with the Toronto Wildlife Centre and is supported by Ontario Power Generation.