Make a Donation


Thank you for donating to LEAF! Your generous contributions help us continue to deliver our planting, stewardship and education programs. Together, we can build a healthy and sustainable urban forest!


How to Donate

LEAF has established the Urban Forest Fund through the Charitable Impact Foundation. Charitable Impact makes grants from this fund to Canadian registered charities who work in partnership with LEAF to deliver special projects.


There are two ways to donate…

1. Donate online and receive a charitable receipt immediately by clicking on the button below

2. Make your donation by cheque
Please, make your cheque payable to “CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation” and include “LEAF Urban Forest Fund” in the memo. Please, include a note with your cheque that:
  • Provides your email address so that your tax receipt can be emailed to you 
  • Provides permission to Charitable Impact to share your contact information with LEAF so that we can email you a virtual thank-you note

Mail your donation and note to:
Charitable Impact 
Suite 1250 - 1500 West Georgia Street 
Vancouver, BC   V6G 2Z6 


Please note: Charitable receipts are issued by the Charitable Impact Foundation automatically at the time of donation. Please, check your email (if the donation was made online) or mail (if the donation was made by cheque).

Monthly Donors

Would you like to support the urban forest all year round? At the time of donation, identify your charitable gift as a “repeating gift” that fits your schedule. You can cancel your monthly gift at any time

Dedication Donations


Are you donating on behalf of an individual?

We would be pleased to send a note to that person by e-mail, notifying them of your generous gift. After you make your donation online, just send us an email at info[at] . Be sure to include your name, the name and e-mail of the person for whom you are making the donation and any additional message you would like us to include in the e-mail. 


Weddings and Other Events

We've got a tasteful solution to your wedding favour and other event needs!  When you donate $150 or more, we'll be pleased to send you a certificate that you can display to let your guests know that you've made a donation to support the urban forest in lieu of favours or gifts. For more information, please contact us as info[at]



Thank you for your support!  Please contact us if you have any questions.