Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens

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COVID-19 Update: Our Gardens are located on publicly accessible property. Visitors should follow all guidelines that apply to public areas in the City of Toronto.

Wild in the City

Planted and maintained by volunteer stewards, our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens are located at five different TTC stations across Toronto. They showcase the beauty of native species and help build Toronto’s urban forest.  They also provide an opportunity for local residents to play an active role in improving their communities.

In 2021, our demonstration gardens were awarded the Society for Organic Land Care's Greener Greenspaces recognition for their exemplary ecologically-focused land care.


“Beyond urban beautification, these gardens provide essential habitat for songbirds, butterflies and other pollinators,” said Rita Bijons, one of LEAF’s volunteer stewards.  “These native species moderate temperatures, filter air pollutants, and absorb carbon dioxide through their leaves.”

Urban Forest Demonstration Garden Locations

Love To Garden? Join Us!

LEAF's Volunteer Garden Stewards help us maintain each of our demonstration garden locations. Whether it's planting, weeding, mulching, making tags for plants, preparing the garden for spring or putting it to bed for winter, our volunteers are in on the action. If you have a passion for helping things grow, we'd love to have you on our team! Fill out the volunteer application form by clicking the button below, and indicate that you're interested in becoming a garden steward in the Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens.


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