The Maple Leaf Forever Lamp

The process of creating this one-of-a-kind piece really made me step out of my comfort zone as a designer. I had many hurdles as I created this piece - from material changes, machine breakdowns, design alterations, and even introducing a chainsaw to a lathe!


One of the exciting yet equally frustrating parts of working with a natural material like wood is the surprises that arise. I went in blind when choosing my wood and I really lucked out with finding a couple pieces (when only a handful were remaining) that were almost perfect for my design. I started with attempting to turn the large log for the lamp shade on my lathe, when my lathe suddenly quit. I needed to act quickly and find a lathe to complete this project! 

Luckily a friend had a nearly perfect solution: our approach was definitely unorthodox as we introduced a massive metal lathe to turn the wood, followed by a massive chainsaw to rough the log round. This ‘wild cowboy’ approach seemed a bit dangerous but we took the proper precautions when attempting these feats.

The metal-work and wood-work turned out to be something I am very proud of. The wood grain from the beautiful, old maple tree has a stunning uniqueness throughout each piece. I tried to showcase all of the knots and imperfections wherever I could as these imperfections really make this piece a one-of-a-kind. The function and sturdiness of the design are impeccable and the natural beeswax finish will allow it to patina very well over time.

You can bid on this item and others made with wood from the Maple Leaf Forever Tree. Click here to go to the online auction website. A portion of the proceeds for this project will support LEAF's urban forestry initiatives.

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