Voting on key environmental issues

The provincial election is fast approaching and we all want to know where the parties stand on key environmental issues.


Green Prosperity, a joint effort of 21 leading environmental organizations including LEAF, identifies seven environmental priorities for this election.


Living green infrastructure is included within a recommendation to create a Great Lakes Act.   The Act would result in greater use of green infrastructure, such as urban forests, to clean storm water runoff, reduce flooding, protect beaches, cool cities and make for green and pleasant neighbourhoods.


Green Prosperity delved into the platforms of the four major provincial parties to look at where they stand on the most important environmental issues facing this province.  There are interviews with key players from each of the parties (the Progressive Conservatives declined an interview) which look more closely at their responses to our election survey. So if you care about clean air, clean water, a safe climate, healthy wild places and species, check out the video interviews and survey responses before you head to the ballot box on Oct. 6th.


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