Photo of the Month: July


The photo was taken in one of my favourite parks in Toronto, Trinity Bellwoods. I came across it through our flickr page. Even with the low resolution of Instagram, the framing shows the towering trees of the historic park, picnics, cyclists, and pedestrians. I tend to spend time here in the evenings after work or on weekends, so it is nice to see it for the trees - when it isn’t so completely packed.


Trinity Bellwoods Park


Someone once said that the urban forest is more than its trees; it is what we do around them that makes it special. Trinity Bellwoods is the park where we mulched Sakura cherry trees with Councillor Mike Layton and the Friends of Trinity Bellwoods and launched the Urban Forest Stewardship Network.


Well-loved by hipsters, hockey players, cyclists and young families, it is the home of the white squirrel, the dog bowl, movie nights and the Queen West Outdoor Art Show. And when internationally renowned artist Marina Abramovic was looking for a location to debut her MAI - Prototype during this year’s Luminato Festival, this was the spot she chose.


So what park do you like to hang out in? Share a photo with us, and who knows, it may just be our next Photo of the Month!


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