You’ve heard that all of our ash trees are at risk. You’ve seen the calls to action. You’ve also been asked to become an EAB Ambassador to share information on the issue in your community. But what you may not know is how the fight is going. Through June we ramped up our efforts, going door-to-door in carefully selected areas. We’ve held training sessions across Toronto and York Region. We’ve had media coverage and outreach events. And today we're asking you to help us share a new video for the #WatchYourAsh campaign.


We’re happy to share some of these successes with you. And we need you to help us get these messages even further. It is a large problem that our forest faces, and we stand to lose literally hundreds of thousands of trees. But because of people like you, thousands of trees have been saved through treatment. We’ve also seen thousands more trees planted – increasing biodiversity in our urban forests.


Newly planted tree


When Dutch Elm Disease ravaged through our parks, ravines and yards across Ontario, ash was planted to replace the lost canopy. A hardy, fast growing shade tree, it seemed like an ideal and rational choice to replace the thousands of trees that had been lost. But biodiversity was trumped by a variety of factors and I’m sure at the time ash seemed like a safe bet. How were they to know that a little green bug would show up decades later to wreak such havoc?


Dutch Elm Disease


Well this time we know better. And we’re doing everything we can to get the word out. What can you do? Learn how to identify ash trees. Look for signs of EAB infestation. Determine if treatment can save your ash tree or hire a qualified tree care company if removal is required. And the biggest thing we all can do? Plant trees in our yards. We need to replace the lost canopy, even if we aren’t losing an ash tree directly, we all benefit from a healthy urban forest and all must do our part to protect it.




You can volunteer as a LEAF EAB Ambassador and spread the word about Emerald Ash Borer. We have more canvassing to do, and we need your boots on the ground to help us. 


Use social media to share these recent articles in Spacing and the CBC, or our new video – which is a great tool to help people understand the issue. That’s an easy one. And remember - #WatchYourAsh.


The EAB Ambassador Program is supported by Ontario Power Generation's Biodiversity Program, Live Green, a project of the City of Toronto, York Region and Ontario Trillium Foundation.