#WatchYourAsh - video series

Have you seen these videos yet? LEAF produced three informative videos on the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and its devastating effect on our urban forest. I helped put these together with Volunteer & Stewardship Coordinator Victoria and our Marketing Intern Sam. It was a cold Friday in spring, and we ventured throughout the city to get the shots that would help viewers identify ash trees, and see examples of how EAB is affecting these trees.


We chose to create three short videos instead of one longer one so that they could be easily shared and quickly viewed through various social media platforms.




Our goals were simple: raise awareness of the impacts of Emerald Ash Borer, provide simple ash tree identification tips, share easy-to-remember signs and symptoms of infestation, and encourage treatment of healthy ash trees and planting of new trees to replace those that will be lost.




These videos were made possible through our EAB Ambassador Program, supported by Ontario Power Generation, York Region, and Live Green Toronto. Even though our program is only offered in York Region and Toronto, we wanted the videos to be applicable for use far and wide.




I cannot stress enough the importance of this issue. But we need your help. Be a voice for the trees - and together we can make a difference in our cities.


The more eyes we get on these, the better it will be for our shared urban forests.  So we’re asking you to hit that share button on this post, even if it’s for the second or third time. All of your friends may not have seen them yet! You can tweet at us @LEAF on Twitter and give us a shout out @LEAF on Facebook – so please don’t hesitate to include in your posts. You can also join our EAB Ambassador page to share and gain information on EAB in your area.