Emerald ash borer

Have you heard about the emerald ash borer (EAB)? This introduced pest from Asia that feeds on and kills ash trees was first detected in the City of Toronto in 2007 and in York Region in 2008, and now poses a serious threat to our urban forests.


These insects cut off the flow and water and nutrients by feeding underneath the bark of the trees. All ash trees are susceptible, and if a tree has become infested with EAB, mortality will result, usually within 2-3 years. Healthy trees may be treated with TreeAzin™, the only product registered for use in Canada against EAB that in some cases may be able to slow or prevent infestation in individual trees.


Ash Tree


We encourage owners of ash trees to plant new trees to replace those that have been or will be lost due to infestation. LEAF makes the replanting process easy by providing on-site arborist advice to help you select the right EAB-resistant tree for your yard at a subsidized price.


Click here to learn more about the EAB and your options for treatment, removal, and replacement of ash trees in your yard.


The EAB Ambassador Program is supported by Ontario Power Generation's Biodiversity Program, Live Green, a project of the City of Toronto, York Region and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.