Our Garden Stewards Spring into Action!

Our volunteer Garden Steward Teams recently gathered to celebrate the longer days and warmer weather by waking up our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens. From planting and dividing perennials to chopping dead plant material to use as cost-effective mulch, our Garden Stewards had fun working together for a successful start to the gardening season!


LEAF has six Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens throughout the City of Toronto that showcase the beauty of native plant species and enhance the urban forest. Each of these gardens is cared for  by a group of dedicated volunteer garden stewards, who recently put on their gardening gloves for the first time this year to wake up our gardens. Here’s photo evidence of the good times we had checking tasks off our gardening to-do list during our annual spring work parties.


Garden Stewards plant wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) seedlings to help combat erosion along the garden bed’s edge at the High Park Garden. © 2022 Sarah Halonen/LEAF


Veronica, LEAF Learning Garden volunteer, chops and drops softer dead plant material, like old plant stems, to use as cost-effective mulch! We always suggest that people leave any dead and dried up plant material in their gardens during the winter as it makes for important habitat for overwintering pollinators. © 2022 Sarah Halonen/LEAF


Volunteers Richard, Ariana and Lisa from the Spadina Garden team organize new plant labels while Ellen finishes a litter pick-up. © 2022 Sarah Halonen/LEAF


The St Clair Garden team plot out where to plant their new native perennials following the LEAF motto ‘right plant, right place!' © 2022 Sarah Halonen/LEAF


Ivan, Spadina Garden volunteer, works hard to divide and transplant Virginia mountain mint (Pycnanthemum virginianum), a late blooming native perennial. © 2022 Sarah Halonen/LEAF


What a way to jump start the 2022 gardening season. We can't thank our volunteer Garden Stewards enough for their commitment and care!


Sarah Halonen is the Stewardship Coordinator at LEAF.

Our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens are supported by Ontario Power Generation, Toronto Transit Commission and the City of Toronto