This Toronto Tree Needs Your Help

Toronto’s great red oak has been a landmark and inspiration for over two centuries. The creation of a parkette will provide a simple and powerful view of this magnificent tree.


Due to its size, age, beauty and cultural significance, this magnificent 250-year-old red oak is recognized as a heritage tree under Forests Ontario’s Heritage Tree Program. Following Council’s direction, the City of Toronto has an agreement to purchase the property and establish the space as a parkette to preserve and showcase this beautiful example of our natural heritage. The completion of the sale is conditional upon the City fundraising $430,000 by December 12, 2020.

Is this the right time to raise money to protect a tree?
These are trying times in so many ways.
Yet, the human spirit, our sense of community survives.

Herein is your answer.

As of July 13, 2020, $125,081.95 has been committed to the campaign, putting us at 29 per cent to target. It’s a good start but more help is needed if we’re to hit the target by the deadline.

Community Benefits

The ecological, social and economic benefits inherent to preserving and fostering canopy cover are many, including reducing fine particulate matter air pollution, cooling the air by shading surfaces and releasing water vapor, providing habitat for wildlife, reducing storm-water runoff, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and providing a link to the natural history of the area. Now in its full maturity, this red oak’s branches span 24 metres with a trunk circumference of over five metres – a natural cathedral and a shining example of our urban forest.


Preservation & Celebration

Upon achieving the fundraising target and completing the purchase, the vision is to convert the property into a local parkette with the oak tree as its primary feature. The City would do a formal landscape plan for the parkette but the inspirational rendering below illustrates what the space might look like. Donors from across the city, province and beyond have already committed to making this vision a reality, including a leadership pledge of $100,000 from Mark and Mary Cullen. Join them in celebrating this natural wonder by donating now.


This is a guest blog written by the City of Toronto



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