Judges: Maple Leaf Forever Design Competition


Lubo Brezina photo

Lubo Brezina | www.lubodesign.com

Lubo is a Designer and Furniture Maker. Since completing a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the University of Toronto in 1996, he has explored built work at varying scales, particularly in wood. His design philosophy is to convey a sense of structure, but also details of joinery, an essence of material, and a simple aesthetic that deals with proportion and mass. Lubo’s current interests lie in built work that exists at a scale between furniture and architecture. 






Mark Cullen photo

Mark Cullen | www.markcullen.com

Mark appears on Canada AM every Wednesday morning at 8:40. He is a spokesperson for Home Hardware Lawn and Garden. 




Miles Keller photo

Miles Keller | dystil.ca

Miles has over twenty years of professional experience as an industrial designer. He has a degree in industrial design from the Ontario College of Art and Design and a BA from the University of Calgary. Miles is former president of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario and is currently a faculty member at The Institute Without Boundaries and the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Miles is one of Canada’s most highly regarded industrial designers and his work has been widely recognized. 





Shauna Levy photo

Shauna Levy | www.dx.org

As president of Canada’s Design Exchange, Shauna has moved the venerable Toronto institution away from its scholarly roots toward a more central role in the Canadian cultural landscape. As a leading national voice on the future of design, Shauna draws on her entrepreneurial past as co-founder of Toronto’s Interior Design Show, Explore Design, and the Yoga Show. She is guided by her faith in the power of non-profit institutions and the crucial role the DX plays in educating the public about the ubiquity of design. 





Shaun Moore photo

Shaun Moore | madedesign.ca

Shaun is a furniture designer and the owner of MADE, a retail gallery dedicated to the sale and promotion of design work by independent Canadian designers and makers. Shaun is co-founder and board member of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. He has curated numerous design exhibitions and spoken broadly about Canadian design.






Tim Richards photo

Tim Richards | southstreetboatbuilders.ca

Tim is a designer and maker of contemporary furniture, lighting and ultralight boats. Since co-founding South Street Boatbuilders in 2012, he has specialized in making the most of Toronto's urban wood supply, creating beautiful pieces that elevate the unique character of the wood. Tim has participated in the urban ash project, both collaboratively and solo, and advocated for the effective salvage and use of Toronto's hundreds of thousands of ash trees being removed as a result of emerald ash borer beetle.