In Support of Backyard Trees

We all know that trees produce oxygen and clean our air. But they do so much more! Residents of communities with increased tree coverage enjoy a multitude of health, social and economic benefits. So, how can we increase our tree canopy in order to enjoy these benefits? A neighbourhood’s canopy extends well beyond the trees lining the streets and growing in parks. Though sometimes overlooked, residential backyards hold great potential for growing our urban forest! Backyard trees add privacy, increase property value and help homeowners cut down on energy costs.



Backyards are outdoor extensions of the home; a place for the family to enjoy leisure activities and the warm weather. So, it’s not surprising that “planting to increase privacy” is among the top reasons why our past clients participated in the Backyard Tree Planting program. There are numerous native tree species that are appropriate choices for those seeking to add privacy to their backyards. A tree with a large crown can go a long way in reducing sightlines. Additionally, planting native shrubs or evergreen hedgerows adds privacy while also offering habitat for pollinating insects and songbirds.


Property Value

Studies have shown that as trees mature, they can increase property value by up to 30%. Due to the combined benefits of trees and their aesthetic appeal, many buyers are attracted to landscaped properties with mature trees. Outdoor spaces with tall trees, hedgerows and other prominent natural features are eye-catching and desirable, especially when they offer seasonal appeal, such as spring flowers, edible fruits or fall colour.


Energy Savings

Backyard trees also help reduce energy usage in the summer months. The shade offered by a tree provides more than comfort on a hot summer day. If planted strategically to block out the sun’s rays, trees can help keep a house cool, reducing the need for air conditioning. Homes with west, south or east-facing backyards all benefit from planting trees for summer shade.


The City of Markham is one such forward-thinking municipality. As part of their strategy to reach 30% tree canopy, the City has partnered with us to provide additional discounts for our Backyard Tree Planting Program which is already subsidized thanks to the support from The Regional Municipality of York. In an initiative endorsed by the Trees for Tomorrow program, Markham residents participating in our Full Service or Do-It-Yourself programs will receive additional discounts and pay only $50 to $100 per tree, for a select species list, for up to five trees per property. Multi-unit properties and commercial properties may also qualify.


Visit our website today to learn more about the program and how LEAF can help ensure you get the right tree in the right place at a low cost!


Daniela Serodio is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at LEAF.

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