LEAF Launches Do-It-Yourself Version of Tree Planting Program in Toronto

(March 24, 2015 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)  LEAF is launching a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) version of the Backyard Tree Planting Program in the City of Toronto. Ideal for those wanting to plant trees in front or side yards (until now, LEAF only planted in backyards) or for those who just want to get their hands dirty and plant their own tree, the program expansion is made possible through funding from Ontario Power Generation.


"Our Do-It-Yourself planting differs from our traditional full service program in that participants do the planting themselves.  Rather than an in-person consultation with one of our arborists, they complete an online workshop and receive email or telephone advice", said Janet McKay, Executive Director.  “Participants love learning how to plant their own tree while still receiving the benefits of personalized advice from our arborists.”


Tree planting has never been more important in Toronto. Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect that attacks and kills ash trees, is set to destroy most of the city’s 860,000 ash trees by 2017.   LEAF is reaching out and asking all Toronto residents to do their part to replace trees that will be lost.  “Even if you’re not losing an ash tree on your own property, it’s likely that there are hundreds coming down in your neighbourhood.  Planting diverse native species in your yard will help build our urban forest back up.”


Healthy urban trees provide preventative health care benefits through shade, filtered air and cleaner waterways. When planted strategically, they also reduce energy costs, increase property value and offer privacy. Trees also provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and other wildlife, supporting our urban ecosystems. 

Interviews available upon request.  Visit www.yourleaf.org for more information on LEAF.


Janet McKay
Executive Director, LEAF
416-419-9244 x17 (Office) | 647-883-5777 (Cell)

Melissa Williams
Residential Planting Programs Manager, LEAF
416-413-9244 x11 (Office) | 647-832-5935 (Cell)

LEAF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and improvement of the urban forest and engages citizens in urban forest stewardship through planting, education and training. Ontario Power Generation supports LEAF’s residential planting programs as well as its educational programs including tree tours, public presentations and workshops. OPG has planted more than 6 million trees and shrubs since 2000 and supports family-focused biodiversity events. Learn more at opg.com.